“Two-thirds of the feral hog population has to be killed just to maintain their numbers. They are fervent breeders and we’ve found, for the money, aerial control is the most effective for feral hog management. We are reaching out to Texans asking them not to be too conservative with their harvests. We are encouraging them to [cooperate] with their neighbors, share costs and join forces. Working together is the only way we can gain the upper hand on this exploding nuisance and dangerous problem.” ~ TX F&G Director of Wildlife

If you’re interested in a second (longer) video, click here: Helicopter Hunting Hogs With Machine Guns.



Helicopter Hog Hunting has been on Dustin Ellermann’s bucket list since before Texas made it legal. He recently got to participate in another hunt with Cedar Ridge Aviation outside of Knox City, Texas, and wrote about his journey here:



Black Rain Rifle with Noveske Pig Muzzle Device, EOTech and X Products 50 round drum magazine

Photo courtesy fishgame.com

For more information about the hunt you can visit the links below:

Cost and booking info: http://www.cedarridgeaviation.com/CRSiteBrochure.pdf

Keep up with Cedar Ridge on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/helicopterhoghunting


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