From WAFB Channel 9 Facebook page:

A dramatic moment captured by WAFB’s Robbie Reynold. This is one of thousands of rescues that have been conducted over the last 24-hours.
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Video and story by WAFB Channel 9: A woman survived a near-drowning in Louisiana floodwater thanks to some men on a boat who arrived at the perfect time, and it was captured on a dramatic video.

The woman’s convertible was about two-thirds submerged and she can be heard asking for help.

“Oh my God, I’m drowning,” the woman can be heard saying from inside the car.


Lake City Medical Center

Three men pull up in a boat and try to break a window on the car to free the woman, but they aren’t successful.

The car keeps sinking and one of the men jumps out of the boat onto the car and starts to tear through the convertible’s fabric roof.

It’s only after the car is fully submerged that the woman is pulled to safety.

Immediately she tells the man who saved her to get her dog, which was also in the car. He reaches inside and tries to find the dog but can’t and says he thinks the dog is gone.

“No, she better not be,” the woman said.

The dog then pops up out of the water in the man’s arms and the people back on the boat gasp in relief.

All three then swim to the safety of the boat.

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