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Guy Goes Surfing for the First Time…In the Middle of a Snowstorm

When there’s a bad snow storm in town, most people stay inside where it’s warm. Then there are those who decide that in the smack-dab middle of a snowstorm is the perfect time to try out surfing.

That’s the kind of person a PIX11 news team came across while covering a nasty winter storm in the trip-state area. They wee in Long Beach, which had received 3-4 inches of snow when they spotted a surfer jumping over the railing.

When asked about the conditions he revealed this was his first time surfing, but not in a storm. This was his first time surfing. Ever.

“It’s a little bit sloppy,” he said about the conditions. “I think I’ll try surfing again … this is like, my first time surfing.”

He picked a heck of a time to take up surfing, especially considering the waves weren’t only deathly cold, they were also 60 to 10 feet high.

It’d be an incredible story if it really was his first time surfing, but it’s more likely he was just giving the news team a hard time, with perfect deadpan delivery. Judging from his setup and the wear on his board, it looks like he’s been out at least twice.