Things almost went incredibly badly for this guy on the FPSRussia team while testing the DRD Paratus-18. The gun itself is incredible. It can fully break down to fit in a small suitcase and be fully assembled in 60 seconds. It’s what he does with the gun that had a large dose of complete idiocy mixed in.

Everything goes smoothly as he shoots stringed up soda bottles and blocks of concrete while showing off the capabilities of the gun. It’s when he decides to shoot and old Ford that’s full of an explosive (probably tannerite) that things nearly go VERY badly.

He shoots the truck while at an extremely close distance with no protection between him and any debris and finds out pretty quickly why he’ll (hopefully) never do that again when a piece of the truck comes flying at him, missing by only a few inches. The look on his face at the end pretty much tells you everything that’s going through his head as he realizes he nearly killed himself.

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