At 285 feet long, Greg Norman’s new yacht is like his own personal portable island – or country. Possibly the largest aluminum yacht ever built, the $70 million “Aussie Rules” was built by Oceanfast and features anything you could want.

Image: murase.net

Image: murase.net

“Included in that price tag is a $1 million home theatre, two hyperbaric chambers (to restore your breath after you find out how much this thing costs!), seven auxiliary boats (in this case, one being a sportfish yacht that looks the size of a dingy in comparison!), several jet-ski’s, a work-out gym and rumor has it… some 200 fishing rods,” according to the Boatcatch Facebook page.

Whether or not this thing comes with an 18-hole golf course built in, I know who I want to invite me on their next fishing trip.

Image: Boatcatch

Image: Boatcatch


Update: Over the years, Norman has owned a veritable armada of sport-fishing vessels and pleasure cruisers.  The yacht no longer belongs to Norman; he sold it for a reported $77 million. But don’t think he couldn’t buy another if he wanted. Bottom line: If you want to travel the seas like this Shark, you’re going to need a bigger boat.

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