Captain Jay Sconyers and his fishing crew headed out of South Carolina looking to catch some big redfish. They were successful…well, sort of. In 25-feet of water outside of Murrells Inlet, in only 25 feet of water, the crew anchored and set up a chumline for the redfish. Angler Andrew Nelson hooked his first ever redfish, a big one near 30-pounds, and then he hooked a surprise visitor. This “visitor” was much bigger, approximately a 10-foot great white shark.

The shark was not captured on video, but while angler Andrew Nelson was reeling, and Sconyers grabbed the net, passenger Woody Rogers captured the photo showing the shark post attack.

“It was a great white,” Sconyers told MyrtleBeachOnline. “It was just like you see when they hit seals on The Discovery Channel. It was like an explosion, it was insane. It looked like a bomb went off in the water.”

“I saw his face and his teeth when it came out of the water, the triangular teeth,’’ said Sconyers, who estimated the shark was about 10 feet long. “I couldn’t see the redfish and his mouth was open. He just swallowed it, and that was a 30-pound redfish.

“If it hadn’t breached, you’d never know what was eating your fish. The teeth went past the flourocarbon leader on the Carolina rig, and bit through the braid (main line). There was no weight, no leader, no nothing.”


Sconyers shared his experience on Facebook:

“The first picture is actually the tail end of a great white shark breaching the water and eating about a 30 pound red fish it was quite possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen in the ocean that fish was about 10 feet away from me I was about to net it and a 10 foot great white jumps out of the water head tail whole body and ate the red fish just so happens that my customer snap this photo of the shark entering the water after it ate the fish …”

The trip wasn’t a total bust as the crew ended up catching 7 redfish, and one giant memory!


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