Remember that girl who got dragged into the water by a sea lion during a photo op?

It turns out that she wasn’t sitting there for a photo at all.

“There was somebody beside them that was trying to feed them. Also, they weren’t trying to take pictures or anything,” the girls father told CBC News.

It also turns out that, despite being quickly rescued from the dangerous situation, it doesn’t look like completely through with the ordeal just yet. It appears that she sustained a superficial wound that ended up getting a possible “seal finger” infection.

“The family saw media reports in which our marine mammal trainer recommended they call us, and they did get in touch,” said spokeswoman Deana Lancaster. “She did get a superficial wound and she’s going to get the right treatment.”

Seal finger infections are actually very serious if untreated and can cause sufferers to lose fingers or limbs. These infections are also known as spekk finger and are very often caused by Mycoplasma bacteria that is in the mouths of sea mammals.

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