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This Russian Made 8WD is the King of Tearing Up Trails

The Russians sure know how to make one heck of an all-terrain vehicle. From vehicles that can literally drive on water, to this monster, the 8WD Avtoros made Shaman, Russia is pumping out some of the coolest vehicles made for exploring the outdoors we’ve seen.

The most surprising thing about the Shaman, besides how awesome it looks, is how surprisingly agile it is. A 20 foot long, 10 foot tall and 8 foot wide vehicle isn’t typically going to be something that can whip around at a moments notice, but the Shaman isn’t most vehicles.

The Shaman is powered by a 146 HP 3.0-liter turbo diesel with a top speed just under 50 mph – which is more than fast enough for any trail. It even has a drive setting that allows it to move from side to side! There’s nothing this beast can’t do.

It’s easy to assume that a vehicle like this would be solely functional without much thought going into interior design – you’d be wrong. The interior of the Shaman looks more like the cabin of a high-end boat.

Unfortunately, with a price tag over $130,000, this one goes into the category of things we really, really want but can’t actually afford if we want to keep our house.

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