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VIDEO: Hungry Black Bear Shakes Down The Bird Feeder For A Snack

This bear eats like a bird!

Residents of this Brimfield, Massachusetts neighborhood had a furry visitor that was more interested in making like a bird and eating bird seed than it was about anything else.

The black bear was spotted by neighborhood residents who noticed it by outside their window, attempting to eat from the bird feeder.

It grabs at the feeder and eventually shakes it in an attempt to get as many seeds as possible.

Those birds must be ticked!

Apparently, the bear left after staying for about 10 minutes but returned a few more times that day.

Bear shakes down bird feeder for a snack

NOT YOUR AVERAGE BEAR: A Massachusetts resident caught a bear wandering in her backyard in search for food – eventually settling on trying to shake some bird seed out of the feeder.

Posted by 6abc Action News on Saturday, May 18, 2019

We’re not sure if this bear prefers bird food or if it’s just going after the low lying seed. Either way, it looks like it could be developing a habit with how many times it came back for a few more bites.

The last thing this neighborhood needs is a bird seed bear junkie roaming the streets, looking for its next bird seed fix.

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