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VIDEO: It Doesn’t Any Colder Than This Deer Retrieval On A Frozen Pond

Shooting a deer is only the start of the battle in many cases. Sometimes the retrieval is straightforward and easy, while other times it can be a long search. Once you’ve managed to track the deer down you’d think retrieval would be simple enough. This hunter finds out just how difficult a retrieval can be when it manages to find its way onto a frozen pond.

During a hunting trip in Wisconsin, Adrian Avena saw the buck earlier that morning but couldn’t get a shot. Luckily, his buddy Mark Finner was further down the trail and managed to get a shot. Unfortunately for Mark, the buck ended up stumbling across a frozen pond where it died.

It was up to mark to get the deer. Let’s just say it was a little chilly!

WARNING: Video Contains Strong Language

Next time he might want to pack some waders so he doesn’t risk anything “falling off” from the cold.

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