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VIDEO: Bear Gets Hit Right In The Privates After Messing With Water Tank

Let this bears experience be a fair warning to any male bear that decides to mess with this guys water tank in the future — it’s not worth it!

The bear starts out by checking out a fence post by the water tank and quickly realizes it’d make an awesome backscratcher. To say the bear is enjoying himself would be an understatement. It looks like he’s in the middle of experiencing the ultimate relief in the world when things take a terrible turn and he hits himself right in the nuts with something attached to the post.

You might find yourself questioning if he really got hit in the family jewels at first, but those questions are quickly answered when he tries to walk and his back legs give out immediately. As a man, this is a pain that we’ve all experienced and we’ve all done this same walking collapse the bear does.

We feel your pain, buddy. Hopefully, next time you just find a tree as far away from a water tank as possible to avoid a repeat situation!

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