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Triple Fan Field Rush: Three Deer Interrupt Baseball Game, Run Around Outfield

We’ve heard of people rushing the field in the middle of a sporting event. Some even opt to ditch their clothes and streak before they’re typically tackled to the ground by security.

A Case Western Reserve University baseball game had their own “streakers” recently when three deer hopped the fence and rushed the field, interrupting play.

The announcer had noticed the deer to the side of the stadium before they cleared the fence.

Right before the deer lept over the fence and onto the field, he said he didn’t typically do this and panned over to the family hanging out and taking in the game. As soon as the camera gets them in focus, they’re over the fence (it looks like these three wanted a show) and onto the field.

They run to one side of the field before realizing they can’t get out and double back to where they came in from.

“We are an admission-free venue, so technically the deer are not trespassing, Although, we do encourage the fans to stay off the field,” the announcer says as the deer attempt to exit.

Once they leave, play resumes and we assume those deer went to their favorite watering hole to talk about that time they rushed the field.

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