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Frank Lloyd Wright Style House Is Built Into Boulders Is Up For Sale

Imagine living in a home that literally has boulders in the kitchen, living room and one that even goes through a window. It sounds like something you’d want to give a hard pass on. At least until you see it.

“One goes right through a window from the kitchen to the outside,” said listing agent Eldon Daetweiler of Fresno Modern Real Estate. “It just makes the whole house part of nature.”

This 2,200-square- foot, two-story house that’s heavily inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs (his apprentice built it) is up for sell near Yosemite National Park. Listed for $590,000, this three bedroom and two bathroom home is a sight to behold.

“The current owner says the minute he walked in he knew that he had to have it, so that will happen again,” Daetweiler says.

It’s easy to see why he felt that way after taking a look!

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