Over 50 years after holding their 1st Spearfishing tournament, the Florida Skin Divers Association (FSDA) has announced the combination of multiple established tournaments throughout Florida into the Super-Series Spearfishing League giving relatively unknown Scuba-divers, Free-divers, and Teams a chance to compete in a national spotlight for prizes, sponsorships, and recognition like other outdoor-sports have created.

“Spearfishing is an incredibly extreme-sport with top athletes that deserved to be recognized like NASCAR or Bassmaster sportsman” says Courtland Hunt, FSDA Series-Chairman.

While fighting off sharks to get fish back to the boat may not be for everyone, the underwater-footage (Youtube “Spearfishing”) and dramatic fish weigh-in’s attract a lot of attention. Currently there are over 1,000 divers over 4 tournaments on the west-coast with talks of including many more within the next year.

“Like any major sport, Spearfishing has evolved from primitive gear and tactics to carbon-fiber guns and boats that put you 100 miles offshore before sunrise” says Denny O’Hern, FSDA President.

All events are non-profit with proceeds benefiting over a dozen charities. Currently the prize for “Top Team” is a full Boat-Wrap Graphic presented by Sign-Zoo Graphics and some events have individual cash prizes in excess of $15,000.

The 2016 Season kicks off April 8th with the Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge. See www.SuperSeriesUSA.com or Facebook.com/SuperSeriesUSA for more details.

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