It’s hard to beat the freedom that camping offers. It’s just you, the outdoors, whoever you brought along (if anyone) and a tent. The only thing that makes camping better is being right by the water.

But what if there was a way you could actually camp on the water? It turns out there is and you can find it at the beautiful Lake Oroville in Northern California. There are nine floating campsites on the lake that are ready to give you the best vacation of your life.

Depending on your preferred method of camping, these floating campsites will either have way more than you require or you’ll feel like you’re roughing it – if being on floating on a gorgeous lake is roughing it.

Each campsite offers the following: camp table, sink, propane BBQ grill (propane provided), lockable closet, restroom, covered living area, an upper sun deck/sleeping area space for tents.

Getting to the campsite will require that you have your own transportation to get there, but what would being on the water really be without a boat?

The campsites are actually removed from the water over the winter months and stored offsite.

This may be one of the best summer vacation spots we’ve seen. Go ahead and sign us up!


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