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VIDEO: Monster 50-Pound Muskie Caught By Lucky Angler

The legendary lake offers up another monster with this 50-pound muskie

Don’t cast your rod at Mille Lacs if you’re not looking for a massive fish like this 50-pound muskie to end up in the other end!

Hoyer Fishing was out for some Fall fishing with some buddies on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. It wasn’t long before he caught a massive muskie he won’t forget any time soon.

“Once in awhile A muskie decides to bite on Lake Mille Lacs in the Fall, I am very Happy my GoPro was running,” Hoyer Fishing said.

We’re glad he had it running, too!

This 50-pound muskie is enough to make anyone want to pick up everything and move to Minnesota for some fishing when the temperature starts to drop.

Mille Lacs offers up some of the biggest muskies to anglers every year.

A fish like this doesn’t come easy or often, but Lake Mille Lacs is the place to make it happen!

Lake Mille Lacs isn’t naturally a muskie lake. The Minnesota Department of Fisheries first loaded the lake up with muskies in the 1970s.

The outcome had to have exceeded anyone’s expectations for what the lake could turn into.

Image via Hoyer Fishing YouTube

Anyone looking for a good-sized muskie like one Hoyer Fishing snagged can be sure to find it here.

Heck, most anglers believe this lake has the potential to churn out some state record fish.

They couldn’t be more right, either!

An angler recently caught and released a muskie that could’ve been a state record. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a big enough scale on board to know for sure.

We’re in primetime for muskie fishing in Mille Lacs.

From June until mid-fall, the lake 132,500-acre is offering up monster muskies to anyone willing to make their cast. All you practically have to do is show up and claim yours!

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