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Kid Catches Fish With A Mini Pole That’s Bigger Than She Is

4-year-old proves that size doesn’t matter when it comes to luring a lunker

This young anglers age isn’t going to stop her from reeling in a massive catch, even if she has to use a ‘Frozen‘ mini fishing pole to do it!

Four-year-old Josie proves anglers are never too small and it’s never too early for them to catch a monster fish while out on the dock with her family.

Josie, along with her dad, Steve, mom, Ashley, and her two cousins, were out fishing on their lake in Delavan, Illinois, when she hooked a 33-pound flathead on her favorite Disney movie fishing pole.

She’s not going to let this one go

Her dad had already rigged the pole with 50-pound line, which was great thinking with how things turned out.

She only weighs 30-pounds herself, so her dad provided some much-needed support so she didn’t get pulled in after it — notice the backup swimmies in case of emergency.

It doesn’t take long to reel the fish in once she gets it on the line, thanks to some serious teamwork.

She isn’t the biggest fan of her lifesize fish at first and initially runs from it. Like a true angler, it doesn’t take her long to realize just how awesome this catch was as she goes back to admire it, even laying beside it for scale.

Even though she doesn’t like how slimy the fish is, it doesn’t hold her back.

We wouldn’t be surprised if she continues to climb her way to the top of young anglers and ends up with a world record catch. There’s no telling what she could end up with if she ever upgrades from her trusty mini pole.

This is impressive work, even if we’re talking about a 40-year-old angler, much less little girl who just turned four!

Keep up the great work, Josie.

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