This remarkable video shows the moment Turkish fishermen save the life of an infant refugee by plucking him out of the water off the coast of Turkey. The 18-month-old toddler was spotted floating in the water wearing a life jacket in the sea off the city of Aydin.


“Brother he is alive; he is alive. Brother, he is alive,” a voice shouts. “My God he is alive.”


“He was all pale. We suspected hypothermia as he was cold and his hands and feet were all white. He was also frothing at the mouth. We covered the baby with a blanket, tried to rescue him. After our call, a tow boat from the harbour arrived to help us before taking the baby to Kuadasi,” Recep Evran, the captain of the boat, told the newspaper Hürriyet, after the incident on Thursday.

Local news reports state two boats capsized in separate incidents in the Aegean Sea on boats heading to Greece from Turkey on Wednesday. Two refugees are reported to have died and 31 are still unaccounted for following the incidents.


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