Two rare blue lobsters were caught by Canadian fishermen last weekend on separate occasions. It’s rare to catch one blue lobster – estimated at about a 1 in 2 million chance – much less two within a few days of each other.

Blaine Marsh and Scott MacMinnon are the fishermen responsible for the capture of these blue hued crustaceans. Marsh caught the first blue lobster, which his granddaughter named Blueberry. A few days later, MacKinnon made the second catch near Low Point, Nova Scotia, some 93 miles away from the first capture.

The blue coloring of the lobsters is due to a genetic mutation that produces high levels of a protein that produces a bright blue hue on the lobster.

When asked if he would eat his lobster – which he named Opal – McKinnon firmly said no, saying he would keep the lobster in a tank for people to see until lobster season ended on July 14 when he would release it.

“The old people say it’s good luck and prosperity for the boat. No chance on eating it, no. We’re going to send the good luck back to the ocean,” he said.
If the find is indeed good luck, this lobster season should be a real doozy.

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