Here’s something you don’t see everyday – a shark being chased off by fish it would typically prey on.

Filmed by Sam Root – he shot it while filming with Jason CoffrinKrista Redfish Tucker and Cindy Nguyen – it’s the first time he’s ever heard of or witnessed such an event and he’s aware many might be skeptical when hearing about a tarpon pod running off a bull shark. However, the footage shows exactly what it promises.

“During Tarpon season you will see many strange events out there on the water,” says Root in his post. This is certainly strange and completely unexpected, especially when you consider how aggressive bull sharks are known to be.

These guys don’t give up either, once they start chasing the bull away, they follow it for a pretty good distance.

Image: Sam Root

Image: Sam Root

The post currently has over 35 thousand views on Facebook in the 10 hours since it was posted, it’s not hard to see why with something you’re sure not to see again anytime soon.

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