Shiftpod looks like a pretty interesting concept that gets a lot right. It assembles in under two minutes, has plenty of space and is useful in all types of weather.

Unfortunately, the biggest issue we see right off the bat is that it’s only water resitant. That’s not exactly a comforting quality in a tent. The last thing you want is for a tent to simply “resist” the majority of a torrential downpour. It may have kept most of the rain out, but you still end up soaked either way.

Besides needing to work on better protecting campers from the rain, the idea is a solid one for campers that don’t stray too far from their form of transportation — this isn’t exactly something you’d go hiking with. But with the ability to connect up to six units together to form a “shifthouse,” this would be perfect for extended stay events and especially disasters where shelter options are limited or nonexistent.

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