Evan Smith will never have to question if his dad loves him or not, because his father proved that he was the most selfless hunter in existence. How’d he do that? He passed up on a 172″ buck at 20 yards in hopes his son would finally get his shot at the elusive buck he named ‘Knee High.’

A 172″ buck isn’t something you stumble across every hunting season. Heck, you’d be lucky to have a shot at one that massive at some point in your life. It would’ve been understandable if Evan’s father had shot the buck when he had the chance, but he din’t. He had faith his son would bag it. He did – eventually.

Evan spent a year dealing with setbacks and missed opportunities, all in hopes of bagging the massive Knee High. An entire year and no Knee High, so Evan decided to do something different and go for a New Years Eve hunt with his dad. They hung a set and waited for the giant. He finally came, but it was Evan’s dad who spotted him first.

It must’ve been crazy tempting to take the shot, but his dad let him keep going, having faith Evan would get his chance. Evan ended up climbing up 25 feet and that’s where he spotted Knee High. He didn’t let his chance slip away.

Patience, persistence and faith are what lead Evan to finally bringing down this absolute beast of a buck.

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