Dan Frederick and his daughter, Lauren, love to hunt for gems. The gem hunters have gone over more than half the country in an attempt to hunt down gems of all kinds. However, the 2.03-carat diamond they found last week in Arkansas was the mother load of all they’ve ever found.

Image: syracuse.com

The call it “The Lucky Diamond.” Dan and Lauren had been planing a trip to the Crater of Diamonds State Park after researching the best places to find gems.

The crazy thing about their find, besides it being a massive diamond, is that it took them less than an hour to find it after arriving at the park.

The Frederick’s are still trying to believe what happened is real.

“As much as we have talked about the trip and planned it out, I think we’re still kind of in shock that we found something as big and beautiful as our ‘Lucky Diamond,” said Lauren.


Dan noticed the diamond first when he saw something sparkling near his daughters feet. When he got a close look, he realized the significance of what he discovered.

“It really was the cherry on top of a fun and special trip with my dad,” Lauren said. “Finding the diamond will be one of my favorite memories, especially since my dad and I found it together.”

Image: syracuse.com

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