Finding a gator in a swimming pool is one thing, but luckily for us, we never have to worry about them ending up on a balcony or anything like that, right? A family in Mount Pleasant, S.C., found out that not even heights can keep a gator away from where it wants to be.

Susie Polston thought someone was outside on her second-story porch trying to break in after being alerted by a loud noise. She woke her family up, reported a break-in to 911 and locked themselves in the master bedroom.

“Somebody’s trying to break into the house,” she told her family.


Things eventually quite down, so her 16-year-old son, Ben, peeked out the door to see what was going on. He saw a 10-foot gator chilling on the porch, sitting completely still.

“Oh my God, I found it! I found it!,” said Ben.

“It was just surreal,” Polston said. “It was so bizarre.”

Ronnie Russell, an nuisance-animal agent, arrived at the home at the home and tried everything in his power to remove the gator from the premises. Unfortunately, he apparently had no intention of of giving up his new found pad.

The gator had apparently climbed up a stairwell that lead to the porch and broke through a screen door to gain access. Due to the size of the gator, Russel didn’t have much choice in getting the gator out. It was too big to lead away with a collar safely.

“A 5-footer, we could have put a dog stick on it and dragged it out,” said Russell of Gator Getter Consultants. “One that large, he likes to grab onto things (to fight).”

He had to resort to euthanizing the gator on the spot, which is required by state law with any and all nuisance alligators, it just usually takes place at a secondary location after the animal has been removed.


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