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Enormous 68.67-pound Kingfish Shatters Atlantic Coast Record

The Cape Lookout Shootout King Mackerel Series held its championship tournament recently and a monster kingfish took home the prize. It was initially postponed because of wind and seas, but when it resumed Capt. Jody Gay and the crew of the Blue Water Candy shattered records with 68.67-pound winner. It was not only the largest king ever weighed in a North Carolina tournament, but in the history of kingfishing tournaments on the Atlantic Coast of the United States.

“We knew we were running late — and especially so by our standards — so once we had bait, we ran hard to a spot that had been productive a couple of weeks earlier and got some baits in the water,” said Scott Pelletier according the North Carolina Sportsman. He is also the owner of the boat and the angler who had the rod for the fight with the big king. “We fished about two hours and hadn’t had a strike, so we decided to move. Jody had been talking with a Hatteras charter captain during the week, and they had a bite going on before the weather, so we decided to make the run and see if the fish were still biting.” For the rest of the story, click here.

For those that don’t follow Kingfish Tournament circuit, here’s a video of a 50-plus pounder, and the work that goes into fishing these grinding tournaments!