This situation could’ve ended much worse for the driver and passenger of the vehicle. Fortunately for everyone involved – except for the deer – they managed to walk away from it.

While driving down the road, a man and a woman spot a blood smeared road and a dead deer. A moment later, the man spots the eyes of another deer standing in the middle of the road and starts shouting “deer!” Despite his direction to avoid the deer, the woman continues going straight for the deer as she attempts to slow down and ends up hitting not one, but three deer.

It’s a good thing she didn’t try to avoid the deer too. Had she swerved to the left, she would’ve struck an oncoming vehicle, which would’ve likely resulted in the deaths of everyone involved. Had she gone to the right, they would’ve ran off the side of the road at a high speed. This is exactly how anyone should handle the situation if they have a split second decision to avoid hitting a deer.

WARNING: Graphic Content and Language

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