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Drinking Wildebeest Get Attacked By Crocodiles, Again And Again

It’s tough out there for a wildebeest. There’s nothing more they love than gathering around bodies of water and quenching their thirst. Unfortunately, that’s exactly where crocodiles want them to be.

While a herd is drinking at the banks of a river, a crocodile sneak attacks a member of the unsuspecting group and send the others into a panic.

It’s too bad for them their thirst overpowers their fear and logic, as they quickly but cautiously move back down and continue drinking.

It doesn’t take long for them to apparently forget about the horror they just witnessed as they lose awareness of their surroundings and another crocodile attacks, grabbing it’s next victim.

Survival isn’t often as simple as avoiding danger in the wild, especially in the case of the wildebeest. When survival is a choice between either thirsting to death or possibly being attacked, the wildebeest isn’t left with much of a choice.