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Don’t Stick Your Head Between A Fully Drawn Compound Bow Presented By This Showoff

Bows are cool but bows can also make you look incredibly uncool, which we now know, thanks to this guy.


Apparently, it had reached that time of night when the showoffs came out and the man in the video brought out his compound bow and asked a woman to attempt to draw it. She couldn’t so he demonstrated that he was fully capable of muscling it all the way back.

Fair enough.

We would have accepted that and gone about our night. But he decided to take it a step further and stick his head between the bow. It was as dumb of an idea as it sounds like.

Not only did the bow almost immediately dry fire directly into his head, it got stuck there and he instantly lost any cool points he attempted to gain.

Don’t stick your head between a drawn bow. It’s not going to end how you’re hoping it does.

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