Besides a hook to the face, the treble hook removal that nearly fully embedded into the meat of Jason Christie’s thumb is one of the most painful experiences we’ve seen. It all went down on the first day of BASSfest after weigh-in. Despite how difficult it looked like removal would be, Christie knew Shaw “Doctor” Grigsby was the man to call after he got hooked.

Even though the hook was in a difficult spot, Grigsby made quick work of removing the treble hook. This wasn’t his first rodeo either. The Doc has made a name for himself in being the guy you call when you have a hook where it doesn’t belong.

I had an awesome day on the water today until my last cast. Sitting in 14th place with 20-13. Thanks to Dr. Grigsby for taking care of me!! Warning, if you have a weak stomach don't watch. Shaw Grigsby Fan Page

Posted by Jason Christie on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

“Even back in the early days, I was the guy other anglers would come to when they got a hook stuck in ’em,” Grigsby said. “My wife is a nurse, and I’ve just been around that sort of thing a lot, and it doesn’t bother me, so I’ve kinda gained the reputation as being the go-to guy out here on tour for hook removal.”

“But I’ve gotta tell you, that hook Jason had in his hand yesterday was one of the toughest I’ve ever had to deal with,” he continued. “It came into the meat of his thumb, and went all the way to the bend of the hook. Plus, it was at a very bad angle so that I couldn’t pull it loose with the method we typically use, where you press down on the eye of the hook and pull it out backward with fishing line doubled around the throat of the hook.”

Judging from the video, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jason had actually managed to bite through that towel he was clinching after the ordeal was over.


“I told Jason he could go to the ER and they’d numb it up, push it through and cut it with pliers. But he chose to let me do the very same thing with a pair of side cutters and an ice cube. It worked. We got it out. And let me tell you, Christie is one tough son-of-a-gun!”

Despite his hook removal experience, Grigsby isn’t too proud to admit when someone needs to seek a medical professional.

“Charley Hartley came to me and asked if I’d take a hook out of his ear, but there was no way I was touching that one,” Grigsby said. “Charley is a great guy, but that hook was in the cartilage, and I knew better than to try to work on that one. I sent him to the doctor.”

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