An image if a fish with distinctive porcine ears and snout made the rounds on social media in March of 2014, causing numerous people to believe there was a an actual pig fish – as in a fish that had the head of a pig, not a pigfish.

The image was posted by several sources with varying descriptions, such as pigfish, pig-nose fish and wild hogfish. It was even said the fish could be found from Arkansas to South Africa.

Image: snopes

Posted along with the image was a description of what lead to this discovery:

A new species of fish has been discovered in Texas creeks. It’s know as the Wild Hogfish and can be extremely aggressive, and their numbers are increasing like crazy. Very tasty, a little like bacon, they are good eatin’. Once reintroduced domestically, they become goldfish.

This ‘pig-nose fish’, was found in the dam of Clanwilliam, flowing waters of the Burg Rivers of Cape Town, South Africa. I have never seen one of these critters but doubt it that it would be kosher or halaal.

Outdoors 360 take:

We’re with Snopes on this one. It’s not hard to see that this is simply a piece of photoshop trickery, with the intention to trick (in many cases successfully) people into believing there is a fish that’s half swine.

Here’s the actual photo of the fish that was caught:

Image: Snopes


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