Bigfoot sightings are a dime a dozen, but this “Littlefoot” sighting is something else entirely.

A group of dirt bikers recorded the strange sight while riding in Sumatra, Indonesia. The small creature, which appears to be holding a spear flees as soon as it spots the bikers, who chase it down until it runs into some bushes and disappears.

Locals describe a legend involving a similar creature, known as the Orang Pendek, which is basically just a small person. Whatever the creature in the video is, it appears to be holding a spearlike object…and doesn’t leave behind foot prints. Maybe it’s an Orang Penduk ghost?

On a serious note, judging from the way the creature looks to be computer generated and the fact that it doesn’t leave any footprints behind (since it was never really there) it looks like this is a hoax that managed to fool a few people.


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