If you blink you might miss it is a bit of an understatement where this deer breaking through an 8-inch window (it must not have any bones either) is concerned. Caught on the surveillance camera of Exert PC in North Carolina, the deer is seen busting in and then walking around for roughly a minute before slowly stepping back outside.

Owner of the shop, Steve Baker, says that even though the dear exited from the same window, it managed to tear into some equipment in the back of the store and ruin part of the carpet before making its escape.

This is a first for Baker.

“That [deer] is the first one I have ever seen in town,” he said. “They usually stay out but we are right across the street from a wooded area with fields.”

“At least the deer didn’t rob us.”


Luckily for that. Even though they weren’t robbed, the damages to the store total around $5,000, but Baker hopes insurance will cover it.

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