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Daily Dose of Dumb: Smart Guy Grabs a Shark in the Water and Immediately Regrets It

There’s a very good reason why fishermen use a fishing pole when fishing for sharks off the shore instead of opting to wrestle them into submission – it’s because they aren’t complete morons like the guy in this video.

The man, who is supposed to be a marine biologist, according to the video, goes out into the water for some reason in an attempt to grab a shark that was already on a fishing line. The shark swims away without incident, but the guy and another man continue to pursue it.

The “marine biologist” eventually gets close enough to grab the shark and immediately realizes he made an incredibly stupid decision and he must have gone to the wrong college. The shark shreds the guys arm (from what it looks like) and the water immediately turns red around him as he runs to shore holding his arm.

We’re not sure what this guy did to qualify as a marine biologist, but he should probably go back to school and take some courses in common sense.