Residents of Hanahan, South Carolina, are have no idea why there’s an orange alligator in a nearby pond at the Tanner Plantation neighborhood.

There’s a joke going around that the reptile is a fan of the Clemson Tigers or or that it used too much self-tanner, which earned it the nickname the ‘Trumpagator‘. We’re thinking it’s a Florida Gator waiting on some blue paint to finish the job. Heck, it could be radioactive, but no one really knows – except for Jay Butfiloski.

People in the town, which is near Charleston, have witnessed the bizarrely pigmented gator multiple times.

Butfiloski, who’s with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources believes the color most likely has to do with where the gator spending a great deal of time around rust, like around a steel culvert pipe.

Fortunately for the gator – or unfortunately, if it’s enjoying its new fame – it will shed its skin pretty soon, likely returning to a normal shade of green.



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