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Company Lets You Shoot Feral Hogs from a Helicopter with an M16 for $35,000

If you’re looking for a quick and fun way to blow through $35,800, then this Texas company has you covered.

HeliBacon is looking to capitalize on people who want to help control the wild hog population in Texas in an over the top way. The company will take you to the sky and let you rain down on what is arguably the state’s biggest annoyance.

So just what does the rough equivalent to the average American salary get you? Their exclusive “The Works” package promises eight people a day’s worth of helicopter hunting, aerial and ground machine guns, lodging and meals for two nights.

It’s not the most economical way to spend enough money to buy a car, but it is once heck of a way to knock something off the bucket list.

Whoever takes on this opportunity can expect to take down 12-20 hogs as they fly over an expansive 300,000 private acres owned by farmers and ranchers.