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Biggest Redfish Ever Caught on Drone in Epic School of Monsters

Amazing aerial footage capturing the largest redfish ever videoed being caught on drone – from the lure hitting the water, to the strike, to the landing and release. Rob Chapman IV, Blair Ashton, and Captain Jon Lulay were fishing with in East Central, Florida over the biggest inshore school of breeder redfish in the world, and SaltyShore’s Sam Root videoed the action from his DJI Phantom III. Once we started fishing the school of over 400 redfish – which were all way over the size limit and approaching world record size – Sam positioned the drone to film the school. Luckily we were able to film the entire sequence!

We’ve been told this is the largest redfish ever caught entirely on drone. I haven’t seen other wise searching the world wide interwebs and asking a lot of redfish fanatics, so as it stands, this is the largest redfish ever caught entirely on drone!  This big girl measured 44″ and weighed 32-pounds. Big thanks to Team Outdoors360’s Sam Root, Captain Jon Lulay, and Vice President Blair Ashton for making this trip – and this amazing video – happen.

Woke up at 3am in Lake City to fish the sunrise in Titusville with @captjonlulay @scssam and @blair_ashton Mission accomplished! First fish of the day is a coppertone bruiser ?? #outdoors360 #saltyshores #MustadHooks #TeamMustad #YetiCoolers #BackBoneMedia#team13fishing #titusville #redfish #copper #realsaltlife #GoPro #Nikon #saltwater #fitness #exercise #explore #outdoors #adventure #travel #beard

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Another view of the redfish with Captain Jon Lulay.

I’m excited to debut Capt-Jon Lulay with Team Outdoors360! He absolutely grinded today to find these dinosaurs for us, and a big thanks to Sam Root for filming (with a drone) while the action was at its peak! Team effort and total unselfishness ?? Blair’s up next! #outdoors360 #saltyshores #MustadHooks #TeamMustad #YetiCoolers #BackboneMedia #team13fishing

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To book a trip with Captain Jon Lulay of Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Charters contact (407) 733-3223.

Another big beauty caught by Blair Ashton from the same school.