Even though the captain of the Grayling had already found his way to safety after his boat capsized, he wasn’t going to sit idly by while others rescued his crew and not lend a hand himself. So he decided to jump back into the 47-degree water without hesitation to bring them in.

The captain of a commercial fishing boat jumped back into 47-degree waters Monday to save one of his crewmen after their vessel capsized near Kodiak Island, according to a witness and the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Grayling, with four aboard, started to take on water Monday afternoon in Kupreanof Strait near Raspberry Island, roughly 35 miles northwest of Kodiak city, according to a statement from the Coast Guard.

Dale Pruitt, captain of the Calista Marie, was nearby with a three-person crew at the time, as were two other fishing boats, Pruitt said in a phone interview from Kodiak on Tuesday.

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