After hosting the Atlanta Falcons for 25 years, three NCAA Final Fours, two Super Bowls and one Olympics, the Georgia Dome was demolished and all it took was 15 seconds.

A crew from The Weather Channel found the perfect spot to stream the entire thing and had been live streaming for 40 minutes when the bombs went off. Unfortunately, there was one bomb they hadn’t accounted for — a photobomber. The second the explosions start that would cause the stadium to implode, a bus rolls up and stops directly in front of the cameras shot.

The cameraman can be heard begging for the bus to move under his breath, but the bus driver is completely oblivious to his surroundings (unless he’s getting revenge for a wrong forecast) stays where he is. As soon as the stadium collapses, the bus is quickly on its way again — possibly to ruin a proposal or some other significant event.

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