Describing any superyacht as anything other than over the top is an oxymoron. Despite that being true, Bugatti has pushed just how outlandish a yacht can be with their $2.2 million Niniette 66.

Best known for creating high-end sports cars that would make a Cadillac look like an old beater, Bugatti partnered up with yacht builder Palmer Johnson to create the ultimate in aquatic luxury.

The titanium and carbon fiber yacht keeps the traditional details Bugatti is known for while adding in details you won’t see on any of their automobiles. With a top speed of 44 knots (50 mph) thanks to two MAN V-8 engines, it won’t be the fastest craft on the water, but it will have enough features to put everyone else to shame.

Equipped with a massive deck which features leather and blue morta oak, a wood known for remaining decay free for thousands of years, no step was spared in making this vessel. There’s even a champagne bar, a jacuzzi and a fire pit – yeah, a fire pit.

With all these features, you’d think this would be the ultimate boat built for a group of people, right? Wrong. The Niniette is specifically designed for two people. It’s really not so bad, though. You can always buy this thing in pairs for bigger parties.



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