Brandon Spikes is still dealing with a lawsuit that was filed over two years ago that required him to pay over $4,000 after failing to pay “The Fish Guy,” an aquatic services company, for some tropical fish he had purchased after signing with the Buffalo Bills in 2014.

Joshua Wolfson, who transported the fish to Spikes’ house in Rhode Island filed the lawsuit said the linebacker refused to pay because his attorney said he didn’t have to since some of the fish had died in the move. It was later decided by an Eerie County, New York, judge that Spikes would have to pay Wolfson $4,990 after he failed to appear in court. At this point, he had signed on with the New England Patriots.

Spikes ran into some issues after a hit and run crash resulted in him being released from the Patriots. Spikes then resigned with the Bills this past August, which caused Wolfson to once again seek out the money Spikes hadn’t paid him.  Spikes has had a roller coaster of an NFL career, to say the least.

At this point Spikes owes “The Fish Guy” over $3,000, but a judge ruled any further collection of the money be stopped. The case goes back to court on Thursday.

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