An adventure runner – known as the bubble man – was arrested by the U.S. Coast Guard shortly after his endurance run began on Sunday, according to First Coast News.

Reza Baluchi, was more than aware that the Coast Guard didn’t believe his endurance run on the sea to be safe after recieving a warning in a letter, explaining why he shouldn’t do it:

Image: USCG

Image: USCG

He didn’t let that stop him, as he was pulled from the sea, along with his HydroPod, just before 5 pm and could face a $40,000 fine and 7 years in prison.

Apparently the bubble man doesn’t learn from his mistakes, having made a similar attempt in 2014 which ended in failure – along with putting Coast Guard rescuers in danger.

With no apparent plan in either attempt other than ‘going for it,’ Baluchi would’ve undoubtedly become stranded and died without a support vessel traveling with him. he even turned down the help of A.J. Gould, the Captain of the Port in Miami, when he contacted him about working out a plan to make this happen.

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