We’re not sure if Kalel Langford found his way to the end of a rainbow or if  he’s the human version of a bloodhound (diamondhound), but one thing’s for sure, he doesn’t need to worry about ring shopping when he gets engaged. That’s because Langford found a 7.44-carat diamond while visiting the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.

He had only been there for 30 minutes when he spotted a sparkle on the ground near a stream. The 14-year-old and his parents weren’t positive it was a diamond at first, but they were smart enough to get it tested – it paid off.

The diamond was the seventh largest ever found at the park and would’ve likely made a sizable crater of its own had Kalel dropped it.

“We had only been at the park for about 30 minutes when he found it,” Kalel’s dad, Craig Langford, said about the awesome find. “Its color was so dark that we weren’t sure if it was a diamond, but we knew we needed to have it looked at.”


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