It’s been a good April for Joshua Cole, the man who recently caught a 33″ freshwater drum, weighing in at 30 pounds, 15 ounces with a 30″ girth.

Did we mention he ‘caught’ this monster with a bow? It’s tough to believe; unfortunately the fact that the photos of the catch look photoshopped, his friends may have a hard time believing his story.

“I can’t believe I shot a state-record drum,” Cole said. “I knew I was shooting at a big drum, but I didn’t realize how big it was until we got it in the boat.”

Luckily the Missouri Department of Conservation confirmed this insane freshwater fish was indeed real.

Image: mdc.mo.gov

Image: mdc.mo.gov

“It really didn’t put up much of a fight with two arrows in it,” he said. “I’m just glad we got it in the boat with no problems.”

The previous record for an alternative-state record was 26 pounds, 8 ounces, set in 2008.

“March was a great month for catching record-breaking fish throughout the state,” said MDC Fisheries Programs Specialist Andrew Branson. “There were four new state records set in March. This just goes to show you that conservation makes Missouri a great place to fish.”

Catching the state-record drum hasn’t made Cole less willing to get out on the water and hunt for other massive studs.

“This was my first time out bowfishing this year, and I can’t believe I shot a state-record fish,” Cole said. “I’m so ready to get back out on the water and find bigger fish.”

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