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VIDEO: Fisherman Jumps Out Of Boat To Avoid Being Run Over By A Bigger Boat; Now He’s Suing The Helmsman

It was a worse case scenario becoming a reality when a fisherman and two others were forced to abandon their boat to avoid being flattened by a larger boat that ran right into them.

Bryan Maess and the two others he was with, Christopher McMahon and Roni Durham, noticed a boat coming full speed ahead in their direction with now signs of veering off or slowing down, so they jumped. An instant after they do their boat is completely demolished. Maess is now suing the boat operator, Marlin Lee Larsen, for $372,500.

Despite video evidence of being perhaps the worst and most negligent boat driver in the world, Larsen is denying the allegations. His reason? He couldn’t see over the dash because he was sitting down — he might want to work on that excuse.

Seeing all three of the boat passengers frantically waving their arms and bailing paints a pretty good picture of just how careless of a boater Larsen is. Accidents happen, but this was something else entirely and inexcusable for anyone operating a boat or anything else for that matter.

Bizarrely enough, Larsen believes the allegations against him are “fake news” — sure, we bet they just green screened the whole thing to make a few bucks. Larsen had also reportedly been on his cellphone all morning, according to his son-in-law.

“Maess claims he suffered from vision problems, headaches and injuries to his ankle, leg and arm from the crash,” according to the Oregonian. “His attorney said he’s also dealing with psychological trauma and hasn’t been on a boat since the crash. McMahon and Durham also suffered injuries, including hypothermia and cuts.”

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