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Carbon Fiber Twin 1,550HP Speed Machine Reaches 153 MPH In First Trial At Sea

The brand new carbon fiber Outerlimits SV 50 is a beast in the water. It recently had its first test run in the ocean and it reached an insanely impressive top speed of 153 mph, thanks to the help of the boats twin 1,550-hp engines.

153 mph is fast, reaching those speeds on water gives it an entirely new perspective though.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen land come up so quickly as when we were out yesterday,” said Laurie Moe, who owns the boat with her husband Jason.

The crazy thing is, that wasn’t all the boat is capable of. Each run was made with multiple passengers, including the owners.

“There’s definitely more speed in the boat,” said Dan Kleitz, Outerlimits production manager. “That was what it was able to do right out of the box in its first day on the water.”

Jason Moe couldn’t be happier with his choice to buy the SV 50.

“The boat exceeded my expectations,” he said. “It’s a little lighter and a little faster than I thought it would be. It runs flats and straight and turns smoothly. It’s phenomenal.”

I officially have an extreme case of boat envy.

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