We aren’t sure what events transpired for a this boa constrictor to end up pierced from head to tail with porcupine quills, but we know how it ended. Badly.

It looks like the snake most likely attempted to eat a porcupine and wrapped itself around it. Obviously attempting to constrict a porcupine is the worst thing this snake could’ve done, but constrict the porcupine is what it did and it payed the price.

The snake was still managing to move at the time of the video, but with the amount of quills piercing its body, it’d be a miracle if it managed to survive. If it did, it’d probably stay away from small fury looking creatures for the rest of its life.

If the hundreds of spikes sticking out of the boa isn’t enough to put you on edge, we’re sure the dog nonstop shrill barking is enough to make this the most uncomfortable viewing experience you’ve had in a while.


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