The Air-Ordinance SMG .22 is everything we ever wanted as a child — heck, we even want it as adults!

That’s because this full auto belt fed pellet gun is the most legal fun you can have with a machine gun.

At first glance, it does look a little wonky compared to what you might expect from a belt fed machine gun, but that all goes away the second you pull the trigger and unleash a storm of pellets.

“It looks like a speargun and a tommy gun had a baby, and this is what it came out to look like,” says 22plinkster.

Unfortunately, the price is a little up there at $669 — but it’s $20 off, so that’s a steal! For anyone lucky enough to have the funds to drop nearly $700 on a pellet gun, let’s just say the squirrels won’t stand a chance when you’re armed with this bad boy!


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