If you see something incredible in the outdoors, what’s your first reaction? In today’s day with social media, we need evidence – photos, videos, any kind of proof. Would you have enough patience to wait three years to get that one shot? Windsor resident Tammy Dallyn did.

“I’ve been trying to get a picture of him for probably three years,” Dallyn told CBC News. “I’ve got some pretty foggy ones, but today I managed to get a great shot.”

Tammy Dallyn

Tammy Dallyn

Snowpants the deer is actually what’s known as a piebald. Piebald describes any animal with large areas of white hair, feathers, or scales that lack pigment.

Here’s a separate video of Bays Mountain Park featuring a rare piebald deer that it got when the TWRA confiscated the animal from a Hawkins County woman who had taken it in as a pet.

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