This rebellious bear may be living on borrowed time after its recent encounter where it temporarily trapped a Colorado woman in her garage.

Danielle Backstrom was pull into her garage when the bear snuck in behind her and absolutely freaked her out.

“Ahhh!” Backstrom yells while honking her horn. “Freakin’ bear, get out of my garage.”

No matter how much noise she made and how much she moved around, the bear was completely unfazed. That can be incredibly dangerous when a bear no longer fears people. The bear did eventually move enough for Backstrom to close the garage door behind it.

This isn’t the first encounter someone from Broadmoor, a neighborhood in Colorado Springs, has had with the bear. It recently found its way into a resident’s freezer and stocked up on some ice cream M&M’s.

While most bears that find their way around neighborhoods are relocated if they keep coming around, this particular bear presents dangerous behavior that will result in it being euthanized if it shows up again.

“That’s our last resort. We hate having to do that,” Bill Vogrin, a spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife said. “But human health and safety is our primary concern, and when they become dangerous, we’re left with no choice.”

Animal rights activists obviously aren’t a fan of this and found someone to blame in Backstrom, despite her having no control over the matter.

“This woman is not to blame, but someone in her neighborhood sure is,” Vorgin told The Gazette. “People need to help us keep wild animals wild.”

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