Photographer Lisa Bell captured a fight between an American bald eagle and a Canadian goose while at a British Columbia campground this past week.

From Global News:

A bald eagle, America’s national bird, and a Canada goose came beak-to-beak at the Spider Lake Springs Campground Friday morning, and photographer and camper Lisa Bell captured the whole ordeal.

Just after 7 a.m., Bell grabbed her camera when she heard a kerfuffle happening at the pond nearby. When she arrived, a bald eagle was perched on top of a lifeless-looking goose.

“It was very still, there was no more noise coming out of him,” Bell told Global News.


“But as it turns out, I think he was probably playing dead.”

Bell said the eagle was trying to get a better grip on the goose when the goose scrambled out of its claws.

“[The eagle] lost the grip completely and the goose just managed to scoot right out of there.”

The goose took off for the middle of the pond. With the eagle close on its tail and coming in for a dive, the goose bobbed underneath the surface out of harm’s way.

The eagle perched in a tree nearby before abandoning its post about 20 minutes later.

“It was amazing,” said Bell, speaking of the whole encounter.

Her photos were posted on Facebook shortly after and have since been shared over 270 times.

Image: Lisa Bell

Image: Lisa Bell

Image: Lisa Bell

Image: Lisa Bell

Image: Lisa Bell

Image: Lisa Bell

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